Henry Maske

Henry Maske, Olympic champion, IBF- world champion, athlete of the year, boxer of the year; BAMBI-awardee and winner of the golden camera. 2001, he got rewarded with the Federal cross of Merit. 11 years later, in 2012, he received the most important german sports prize, called the golden sport pyramid of the „Stiftung Deutsche Sporthilfe“ and then became member of the Hall of Fame in german sports.  One concern of his heart was the foundation of the so called Henry Maske Foundation „a place for kids“, in 1999. This foundation supports disadvantaged children and teenagers. Henry Maske transferred his qualifications as an athlete into business. Meanwhile, he organizes, as a franchise-holder, ten McDonalds stores. His speeches and Business-Talks motivate and inspire people. Henry Maske knows how to thrill people and encourage them to act on one’s own responsibility. His Motto is as follows:  „Wenn man etwas wirklich will und alles dafür tut, dann kann man es auch schaffen.“ In English it means that you can reach everything if you just do what you need to do and really wants fulfill your dream.